48 million players use controllers on Steam

48 million players use controllers on Steam

In a recent developer announcement about Steamworks tools, Valve gave some insight into the number of players using controllers on Steam, which is higher than ever and rising. “48 million players have used a controller in a game on Steam,” writes Valve, with about 10 percent of daily game sessions being played with a controller.” 

Naturally these figures vary wildly across genre: for RTS games that figure is “frequently below 1 percent” whereas “many sports and fighting games see over 70 percent of sessions played with a controller, while racing and skating games can easily have over 90 percent of players using a controller.” Third-person action games, your Assassin’s Creeds and so on, fluctuate between 40-50 percent of players using controllers, while for FPSs it’s “solidly in the range of 7-8 percent.”

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