A nasty Outriders bug is completely wiping inventories

A nasty Outriders bug is completely wiping inventories

 The nightmare scenario for a loot game has become a reality for some Outriders players. Many on the Outriders subreddit are reporting that their entire inventories have been wiped of all gear following a crash. People Can Fly is aware of the issue and has helped a few players recover their lost gear, but there’s no word on when the bug will be fixed.

People Can Fly’s list of known issues suggests the exact cause of the inventory wipe bug hasn’t been determined quite yet, but judging by player reports, it seems to have something to do with the game crashing or disconnecting while leaving or joining another player’s game. “Yesterday, I was playing with friends and I got kicked with a connection error. I logged back in, and my inventory is completely gone, even things I had equipped,” reads a post from a_jacks_28.

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