After banning 91K accounts in 2020, Rainbow Six Siege is taking more steps to dunk on cheaters

After banning 91K accounts in 2020, Rainbow Six Siege is taking more steps to dunk on cheaters

Ubisoft is reinforcing Rainbow Six Siege’s anti-cheat in 2021. The developer revealed in a blog post yesterday that, while hacking continues to be a big problem at the highest levels of Siege, account bans are on the rise. Last year Ubi banned almost 100,000 players for cheating (a 44 percent rise over 2019). This year a new automated process for detecting cheaters could raise that figure even higher.

Since 2015, Ubisoft has largely relied on manual moderation of player reports to identify cheaters that aren’t detected by BattleEye (Siege’s anti-cheat software). Developers can sometimes confirm cheaters with hard evidence like a video, but it’s more common to examine a reported player’s stats to determine if they’re getting “help” from third-party software. If, for instance, a player has an absurdly high kill/death ratio or accuracy stat, that’s a red flag. This is the part of the process that Ubi is looking to automate.

“We start by identifying data that will make our detection model relevant. Next, we launch it on the backend and make sure we are comfortable with the results,” the post reads. Ubi isn’t taking its hands off the wheel completely, though. “The first ban waves are done by hand, allowing us to review each impacted player. This helps us ensure the detections are identifying concrete proof of cheating.” A human will still ultimately decide if a cheating sanction is handed down, but the fancy detection model will ideally speed up the process greatly.

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Faster bans mean more bans, which in turn makes life harder for cheaters hoarding numerous Siege accounts to further their nefarious gaming careers.

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