AI knows when you’re being sarcastic on Twitter

AI knows when you're being sarcastic on Twitter

The future is hurtling toward us, and with each passing day AI is getting smarter. We’ve seen AI that will play your games for you, and if you’re using a 30-series Nvidia GPU, you’ve probably utilised the company’s DLSS supersampling AI tech to upscale your game resolutions. But I bet you weren’t aware AI can now not only detect sarcasm, it can also then rap about it.

Even we humans have trouble with sarcasm in it’s written form, especially in the case of Twitter where the majority of users refuse to use punctuation. Thankfully a study from DARPA researchers, at the University of Central Florida, has birthed an AI that can recognise the tone of an internet troll with over 80% accuracy on Reddit, and on Twitter it surpasses 90% accuracy (via Engadget).

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