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All objections to this Ace Attorney reddit bot are overruled

All objections to this Ace Attorney reddit bot are overruled

Reddit arguments are the ultimate form of internet drama: often ridiculous, always entertaining. The real epics are the kind of things you can imagine in an overblown courtroom setting and, thanks to a new bot inspired by the Phoenix Wright series, you can now actually see it.

The bot was created by Micah Price and lets you turn Reddit threads into an Ace Attorney courtroom battle. Simply find a juicy argument, type in ‘!objection bot’ or ‘!objection-bot’ and give it around ten minutes to work some magic. The two most common Redditors in the chain get assigned the roles of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, with the code then determining where to insert those all-important OBJECTIONS!

It’s a perfect setting for the daft dramas that come out of Reddit, not least because the Ace Attorney games are themselves built around some very silly scenarios, and and populated by characters with (user)names like Larry Butz and Luke Atmey.

It doesn’t currently work on all subreddits, and Price acknowledges it’s still a little buggy (he told Mashable it took around three days to complete the project). The code is open source too, should anyone wish to take a peek.  

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