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Among Us mod mixes things up with four new roles

Among Us mod mixes things up with four new roles

Among Us Mod That Adds 4 New Roles from r/AmongUs

So, you’ve mastered the Among Us mind game. You can tell who’s an imposter just by the twitching of a keyboard or the baited hesitation in the voice call. About time, then, that you throw some chaos into the mix with four new roles thanks to a new Among Us mod.

Hunter101’s Extra Roles mod  (available via Github, thanks Eurogamer) mixes up the crewmate/impostor dynamic by throwing four new classes into the mix. The medic can give any player an invincibility shield, and gains extra insight into the cause of death. Officers can cut to the chase and execute suspected imposters, though will die themselves if attempting to murder an innocent.

Engineers, meanwhile, can remote fix one emergency per game from anywhere on the map, and can access those sneaky vents. The star, however, has to be the Joker—an agent of chaos who instantly wins the game if they can convince the rest of the crew to boot them off the ship.

As Jeremy Peel notes, Among Us is basically a board game already. What I love about this mod is in how it pulls that line of thinking further towards deception games like Coup, complicating the web of roles and relationships, facilitating the kind of play that makes it a natural fit for politicians.

Extra Roles works on official servers as long as everyone in a given lobby has the mod installed: the installation is easy enough, there are full instructions here as well as a discord if you’re looking for folks to play it with. Now, Among Us notably had a massive hacking problem late last year, with a planned accounts system for curbing exploits still under development. So this will probably change in the future, but for now: fill your boots.

Among Us is ripe for remixing—and while folks have managed to hack together several mods giving extra roles, I’d be keen to see what folks concoct with proper mod support.

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