AOC’s chonky new budget gaming headsets aren’t what we were expecting from the display maker

AOC's chonky new budget gaming headsets aren't what we were expecting from the display maker

The crowded gaming headset market just got a little more populous with two new models from AOC, a newcomer to the category and a company best known for its gaming monitors. AOC’s first headsets, the GH200 and GH300, stand out as two of the more affordable options on the market.

As such, both models fall squarely into the budget category. The higher end GH300 costs £49 and is pitched as the ‘deluxe’ option among the two. It features 7.1 virtual surround sound on PC, a USB connector, and RGB lighting.

The GH200, meanwhile, costs £39 and delivers stereo sound by way of a 3.5mm connector, giving it a wider range of devices it can work with, such as certain smartphones and tablets. It also comes with a Y-splitter so users can split the microphone and headphone outputs, if desired. There’s no RGB lighting (or any lighting) on this model.

(Image credit: AOC)

We have not donned either headset yet, but from the press images provided, they certainly look comfortable enough, especially for their respective price points. Each model sports an adjustable steel slider headband (padded), with AOC saying they are “guaranteed to fit” regardless of the size of your head, or whether you wear a cap or eyeglasses. Weight checks in at 326.5 grams (~0.7 pounds) for the GH200 and 363.5 grams (~0.8 pounds) for the GH300.

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