Apex Legends may finally be getting Titans, sort of

Apex Legends may finally be getting Titans, sort of

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, which could lead you to wonder why we haven’t seen any Titans in it yet. Respawn explained shortly after the game came out that it actually “had Titans in tons of different forms” in early iterations of the game, but they weren’t a good fit and so were ultimately excluded.

That may soon change, however. Dataminer Biast12, who previously helped drop the dime on the season 7 character Horizon, has tweeted gameplay footage of a new character named Blisk, whose “Standby for Titanfall” ultimate enables him to call down an Auto-Titan to wreak havoc. It’s not a full-on Titan that players can hop into and ride—rather, it appears to function in a fashion similar to Bob, Ashe’s bodyguard in Overwatch: It shows up when called, kicks ass within a set area, and then goes away.

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According to the screen cap below, Blisk can also wall run, courtesy of his Pilot Kit passive ability. 

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

As for the character himself, Kuben Blisk is one of the villains in the Titanfall games: A South African mercenary who served the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation at the head of the Apex Predators. He also has a presence in the Apex Legends lore, as the commissioner of the Apex Games, although he hasn’t actually appeared in the game as of yet.

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