Asus lays claims to ‘world’s first mini LED gaming monitor’ and it costs $3,000

Asus lays claims to 'world's first mini LED gaming monitor' and it costs $3,000

I’m looking over the specs and features of the new Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX, billed as the “world’s first mini LED gaming monitor,” and I’m seeing how Asus also arrived at declaring this the “4K endgame.” Well, except for one little thing—it sticks with HDMI 2.0 (and DisplayPort 1.4) instead of HDMI 2.1.

That’s a shame, because HDMI 2.1 is a big upgrade over HDMI 2.0, serving up 48Gbps of uncompressed bandwidth (up from 18Gbps) and 128Gbps with compression. It also supports some nifty features, like an auto low latency mode and dynamic HDR, the latter of which adjusts the image on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis.

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