Call of Duty: Cold War’s new Zombies Easter Egg starts now in Outbreak

Call of Duty: Cold War's new Zombies Easter Egg starts now in Outbreak

It’s midseason update day in the world of Call of Duty, and that means a dizzying number of things to do across both Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War. But behind the flashy Nakatomi Plaza and multiplayer maps is a pretty big update to Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode. Starting today, Outbreak mode has a new “main quest” (or Easter Egg) that continues the elaborate Zombies narrative and sets the stage for a new, traditional Zombies map coming in Season 4.

That sounds pretty neat, but that’s hardly everything happening in Zombies. Here’s the full rundown of what was added in last night’s update:

  • Outbreak: New main quest, Orda encounter world event, fishing, new intel documents, audio logs, radio transmissions, and artifacts to discover
  • Round-Based Maps: “Cranked 2: No Time to Crank” limited-time mode in “Firebase Z” and “Die Maschine”
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3: New Silverback Slideways bonus map
  • Onslaught (PlayStation only, sadly): Onslaught Standoff map, new Intel, new limited-time mode, new challenge with exclusive weapon blueprint reward

If you’re wondering exactly what a “main quest” means in the context of Zombies, the answer is always a little different from map to map. It seems like the quest is basically like an Easter Egg from a normal Zombies map, which always involves a degree of puzzle solving and sleuthing to complete. Though, Treyarch calling this a “main quest” does make it sound more straightforward than usual.

Main quest aside, I’m even more curious about fishing… in a CoD game. Like, do you literally sit quietly with a fishing pole until you get a bite (presumably while trying to avoid the actual zombies that want a bite of you), or do you just shoot the fish? And if you shoot the fish, does that count as fishing? These are the big questions that I plan to answer by actually playing some Outbreak once this update finally finishes downloading.

If you’re hopping into the new Warzone stuff today as well, we’ve already published a handy guide to break into the Nakatomi Plaza’s illustrious vault. It’s definitely worth cracking, considering it holds a whopping $100,000 of in-game cash.

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