Call of Duty: Warzone player notices neo-Nazi symbol in paid emblem

Call of Duty: Warzone player notices neo-Nazi symbol in paid emblem

A symbol used in a Call of Duty: Warzone emblem bears a striking resemblance to a symbol adopted by neo-Nazi groups. Specifically, the CoD symbol in question appears to be directly inspired by a logo used by the Azov Battalion, a far-right nationalist regiment of the Ukrainian national guard originally formed in the early months of the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2014.

The emblem in question comes from the Chimera Pack, an ~$11 bundle of cosmetics that has been in the game since at least early 2020. Like many Warzone emblems, this one plays an animated loop that shows a winged creature fading into view in front of the purple/yellow symbol. The emblem’s significance was first pointed out by a user on Warzone’s official subreddit yesterday.

On the left is the Chimera emblem from Warzone (without the creature itself perched in the foreground) and on the right is an Azov Battalion logo.

(Image credit: Activision/Azov Battalion)

The symbol common to both emblems is a modern version of the Wolfsangel, a centuries-old Germanic symbol widely adopted by the Nazi party during World War 2, notably including Hitler’s 2nd SS Panzer Division, among others. The symbol was subsequently adopted by neo-Nazi groups, such as the Aryan Nations.

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