Call of Duty: Warzone’s infinite stim glitch just keeps recurring

Call of Duty: Warzone's infinite stim glitch just keeps recurring

The size of its audience means that the extent of cheating and bugs in Warzone can, at times, be overstated. But there’s one problem with the game that, no matter how many times it seems to have been squashed, keeps rearing its ugly head again and again, ad infinitum. Yes, come on down, it’s the one and only infinite stim glitch.

Properly speaking, the exploit revolves around the game’s tactical item, which can be equipped in loadouts or found in crates across Verdansk. Usually this is a one-time-use injection to instantly restore health, the stim. But when this exploit is triggered, players can keep using their tactical item indefinitely, and almost all use it for a never-ending series of stim injections. This is an especially frustrating exploit in a game where it can be used to hide in poison gas until all the other players are dead.

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