Call of Duty: Warzone’s nuke event is busted

Call of Duty: Warzone's nuke event is busted

Call of Duty: Warzone’s long-awaited nuke event is a whole lot of nothing at the moment. The Destruction of Verdansk event that kicked off at 12 pm Pacific today is supposed to be a massive 100-player survival against player-controlled zombies, but most players are currently staring at a server queue instead.

As I write this, the game estimates I have a 20-minute wait to get in, but that number hasn’t budged since noon.

And if you have gotten in, there’s a good chance the match will crash on you. In a recent tweet, developer Raven Software said it’s aware of the server issues with Destruction of Verdansk and is working toward a fix. A playlist update has gone out that should lessen the frequency of crashes once you’re in the game, but no word yet on when those of us stuck in a queue will get to witness the event for ourselves.

Which is kind of a problem, considering this event is only slated to last until 2 pm Pacific. At this rate, Activision will either need to reactivate the mode at a later time for folks that didn’t get in, or we’ll just have to watch a stream of it. Speaking of, Charlie Intel managed to finish the mode and shared a portion of the final nuke cutscene. If you don’t want to see Verdansk blow up, stop reading here.

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This is only part Part 1 of Verdansk’s destruction, so there’s probably more to come tonight and tomorrow before we can finally see the rumored new map.

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