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Call Of Duty: Warzone’s nukes are landing early

Call Of Duty: Warzone's nukes are landing early

Nuclear bombs have begun falling on Call Of Duty: Warzone’s battlefield. But fortunately for players, it seems someone forgot to arm these warheads before dropping them on Verdansk.

We’ve long known that some kind of nuclear doomsday is in store for Warzone, but it looks like the missiles have jumped the gun, with multiple players spotting nuclear warheads pre-emptively erupting from silos before crashing back to earth—sans explosion.

COD fansite Modern Warzone got real close to one of these impacts, showing off the sheer scale of these things before it disappears with a whoosh of air. Not quite the nuclear armageddon we were expecting.

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Redditor AmedeeO10 posted similar footage of multiple rockets launching, and suggested that the glitch may be exclusive to the King Slayer Trios playlist.

[SPOILER] Game glitched and showed part of the upcoming nuke event (w/ voice lines) from r/CODWarzone

The going theory is that the nuke event is tied to Verdansk’s ongoing zombie outbreak. At some point, the map will be nuked to eradicate the undead menace, paving the way for a new Warzone map—with current leaks indicating an 80s-themed version of Verdansk, dramatically altering many of its landmark structures.

Call Of Duty’s new map and next season are estimated to arrive on April 22, at which point those missiles will become a little more deadly.

Cheers, Eurogamer.

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