Celeste B-side composers haven’t been paid royalties in almost two years

Celeste B-side composers haven't been paid royalties in almost two years

A growing number of game composers have accused music label and publisher Materia Collective of failing to pay royalties on songs and streams going back almost two years.

Famed for their work on tribute albums for the likes of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Materia took over publishing duties for the Celeste soundtrack back in July 2019, after composer Lena Raine handed off distribution rights to work on other projects. But last week, contributing artist 2 Mello claimed on Twitter that he hadn’t received payment for his work on Celeste’s B-sides—and that “at least” three other musicians on the album, which includes remixes of the game’s original soundtrack and is sold for $5, had not been paid since that date.

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