Chivalry 2’s first free map coming ‘sooner than fans would expect’

Chivalry 2's first free map coming 'sooner than fans would expect'

Once I’m done covering all this E3 news, I’m going to spend my evenings playing Chivalry 2, which just launched last week. I really like its brand of multiplayer melee combat, and so I’m pleased to hear that developer Torn Banner has a big post-launch plans. According to the studio, Chiv 2 is going to grow a lot, and we won’t have to wait long for the first growth spurt.

At the PC Gaming Show today, Torn Banner showed off the high medieval Galencourt map, which is the first post-launch map to be announced. In an email, the developer also told PC Gamer that Galencourt isn’t the only map on the way, and that the first content update is “going to come a lot sooner than fans would expect.”

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