Congress wants infamous Reddit investor who kicked off the GameStop surge to testify

Reddit messes with investors by driving GameStop stock price to record heights

US Representative Maxine Waters, the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, wants to know more about the explosive GameStop bubble that occupied so much of our attention over the past couple of weeks. To make that happen, she’s invited some of the central characters in the real-life drama, including Robinhood founder and CEO Vladimir Tenev and high-profile Reddit investor Keith “DeepFuckingValue” Gill, to testify before Congress.

“This hearing is going to be educational. It’s going to be a learning experience for everybody,” Waters said in an interview with Cheddar. “We are going to have all the players—we will have Robinhood [CEO] Vladimir Tenev, I think is his name, we’ll have him there. We’ll have a young man there from Reddit, his name is Keith Gill, who basically started this mania.”

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