Destiny 2’s latest nerfs hit The Lament, Felwinter’s Lie, Falling Guillotine, Frenzy, and more

Destiny 2's latest nerfs hit The Lament, Felwinter's Lie, Falling Guillotine, Frenzy, and more

(Image credit: Bungie)

Another season of Destiny 2 is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: I need to book a day off to sift through all the new gear to work out which weapon rolls I’m going to spend the remainder of this pandemic grinding lovelessly for day in, and day out, never stopping even though I have now acquired enough guns to shoot Neptune out of the sea. 

It also means that we’re due another major sandbox rebalance, which the dev team has begun detailing in the latest This Week at Bungie post. In time-honoured fashion, Bungie is beginning with the bad news. Which means nerfs. Back in February, assistant game director Joe Blackburn wrote that due to the decision to scrap the weapon sunsetting system, certain archetypes would need to be looked at, lest they dominate in perpetuity. That reckoning is now upon us.

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