Destiny 2’s most-hated weapon perks are being reworked

Destiny 2's most-hated weapon perks are being reworked

This season’s Nightfall weapons (from top): The Swarm, Palindrome, and Shadow Price. (Image credit: Bungie)

As sales pitches go, ‘this thing is great, but only in the few seconds after all of your friends die’ isn’t the most alluring. The proof is in two of Destiny 2’s least popular weapon perks: ‘Celerity‘ and ‘Bottomless Grief’. They were introduced as ‘origin’ perks for weapons from the Trials and Nightfall activities respectively, and both proc their benefit when you are “the last surviving member of your fireteam”. Or in other words, the effect only kicks in once all your buddies are dead.

Given that conditional requirement, the perks must be pretty strong—and, honestly, they are. Celerity grants +100 to target acquisition, handling and reload speed, as well as reduced recoil and bullet spread. That’s a lot! Bottomless Grief entirely refills your magazine on each kill. Also good! Both perks are intended to enable you to make clutch plays in modes which often require them. 

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