Devotion’s developer vows ‘we won’t stop striving’ after being dropped by GOG

Devotion's developer vows 'we won't stop striving' after being dropped by GOG

Yesterday we reported that Devotion, a cult horror title from Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games, would be re-released on GOG after being unavailable for nearly two years. A few hours after this announcement was made GOG, owned by CD Projekt, unceremoniously dumped the game via the below tweet.

This has gone down in the west like a cup of cold sick, with the above tweet receiving a rather brutal shoeing and at least one developer pulling their game from GOG in protest. While the “many messages from gamers” seems a ridiculous phrase, and there’s little evidence of any adverse reaction on western-centric media, the original controversy over the game was largely fuelled by users on the Chinese social platform Weibo. The hashtag relating to the game (#还愿#) has huge historical engagement figures, and the point I’m making is that, just because the “many messages” aren’t immediately visible to us doesn’t mean they don’t exist: some conspiracists seem to think the Chinese Communist Party is involved but, as the Monster Hunter movie recently showed, there is a large and vociferous Chinese audience ready to jump on anything percieved as anti-China without prompting.

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