Dicey Dungeons developer is now electrocuting strangers in Roblox

Dicey Dungeons developer is now electrocuting strangers in Roblox

Dicey Dungeons and VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh has been on a bit of a Roblox kick as of late. After daring players to climb an impractically large man, the Irish developer is now striking random players with lightning in the succinctly named Anyone could be struck by lightning at any time.

Earlier this week, Cavanagh posted a simple outline for an extremely daft multiplayer experiment with Roblox’ editing tools. It is, in short, the greatest pitch for a game I’ve read in years.

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Now that it’s out, Cavanagh’s latest “Obby” (don’t call it a game) delivers exactly what it promised. Every 30 seconds, a random player on the server will be struck by lightning. You can’t stop it. You can’t avoid it. You’re going to be struck by lightning. But if it hits someone else, you’ll grow a little bit bigger.

At best, you can hope the server fills up enough that the sheer weight of numbers makes it less likely you’ll be fried. Sadly, it doesn’t seem lightning will boot you from the server entirely, as pitched—instead, you’re just shrunk back from whatever height you’d acquired.

By Cavanagh’s admission, Climb The Giant Man took about three months or so to put together as he got to grips with Roblox’s tools. ACBSBLAAT meanwhile, seems to have come together in just a few days, speaking to how easy it seems developers can throw together ideas in the platform’s tools. 

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