Download Nvidia’s latest driver update to fix newly disclosed security flaws

Download Nvidia's latest driver update to fix newly disclosed security flaws

You’ll want to download the latest Nvidia driver as soon as possible as it contains security fixes for a handful of GPU display driver vulnerabilities across Windows and Linux. Some of which come with high severity ratings and may lead to denial of service, escalation of privileges, and information leaks.

Nvidia outlines six GPU display driver vulnerabilities patched by the latest GeForce driver update—that’s version 461.09 on Windows or 460.32.03 on Linux. The most severe of all is a vulnerability found within the kernel mode layer handler for DxgkDdiEscape, which is rated to 8.4 on the widely-used CVSS vulnerability scale due to the potential for denial of service or escalation of privileges possible if a nefarious actor did make their way onto your system to install it. It’s worth noting that they would have to get pretty close in order to do so, as this flaw can only be exploited locally. As such, it’s actually rated rather low in regards to exploitability.

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