Epic’s next free game is a big mystery

Epic's next free game is a big mystery

The Lion’s Song “is a thoughtful and beautiful point-and-click game,” Pip said when she selected it as her personal pick in our 2017 Game of the Year Awards: Its sepia-toned tale of people struggling with the challenges of their chosen disciplines “offers a set of complex, harmonizing stories about human creativity and flaws which bubble and fizz within their ascetic aesthetic.”

It’s high praise, but not the sort that resonates with everyone. But if you find yourself intrigued and would like to know more, you can now claim it for free on the Epic Games Store. It’s yours for the taking until May 20, and if you dig it you can also pick up developer Mi’pu’mi Games’ newer release The Flower Collectors—which by the way is also very good—for half-price. That offer is open to all owners of The Lion’s Song on the Epic Store, even if you owned it before the giveaway, and also expires on May 20.

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