Euro Truck Simulator 2 is heading to Russia

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is heading to Russia

Euro Truck Simulator 2 might still be loading up for its spring holiday to the Iberian peninsula. But trucking developer SCS Software is already planning their next haul, preparing to drive an eighteen-wheeler straight into the Heart Of Russia.

Parts of Russia have already been included in Euro Trucks 2, with St Petersburg showing up in the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC. But Heart Of Russia will open the nation up for exploration, with trucking routes taking you through Moscow, the Volga and Oka rivers, and countless old villages and forests.

Now, considering that Russia itself easily surpasses the entirety of Europe for scale, don’t expect to be trucking across the entirety of the country. SCS says it wouldn’t even attempt to cover the “European” part of the country in one update, instead opting to roughly reach the Volga river. Even so, expect Russia to be the largest landmass addition to date—even compared to the upcoming Iberia expansion.

That upcoming Iberia drop is also why SCS has been tight-lipped over its Russian plans. In a Steam update, the studio explains that it hoped not to “confuse the community” by revealing a second major update while the first was still in development. But with Iberia now set for release this April, the truck-maker is ready to prepare for its next trip—whenever that may be. 

Stay tuned for more details, drivers.

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