Evil Dead: The Game looks pretty good, actually

Evil Dead: The Game looks pretty good, actually

I didn’t expect to be telling you the new Evil Dead official videogame actually looks pretty good, but here we are. Saber Interactive revealed a new trailer for the co-op zombie slayer during the Summer Game Fest kickoff stream, which you can watch here.

Evil Dead: The Game might look familiar if you’ve played a lot of Left 4 Dead or are looking forward to Back 4 Blood, but there are some key differences that stand out. For one, the game’s in third-person and might some sort of competitive element. Interestingly, it also seems to be melee-focused (though we did spot some shooting in there as well). There are some truly gnarly melee executions on display here that work pretty well in the absurd world of Evil Dead.

Co-op seems to be the main mode and players will have access to recognizable characters from the movies, like that one armored guy with a sword that is apparently in one of the movies I haven’t seen. You can also play as the zombies, which just sounds like a good time.

Evil Dead: The Game is coming to all the consoles, PC, and even the Switch.

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