Fnatic’s Flick 2 Pro is built for esports and is on clearance for just $24.99

Fnatic’s Flick 2 Pro is built for esports and is on clearance for just $24.99

You may not have realized it, but Fnatic makes its own gaming peripherals, like the updated Ministreak keyboard we reviewed a couple of months ago. We have yet to try a gaming mouse from Fnatic, but if you’re curious about the hype, now is the time to experiment—both its Flick 2 Pro (shown above) and Clutch 2 are on sale for $24.99 at Best Buy right now.

These are both listed as clearance items, so once they’re gone, well, it’s back to paying full price ($49.99) at other retailers, or even a little more—Amazon is selling these mice for $54.99. That’s actually pretty reasonable for a gaming mouse, just obviously not as enticing as saving half off.

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Fnatic Flick 2 Pro Wired Mouse | 12,000 DPI | $49.99 $24.99 at Best Buy (save $25)
The Flick 2 Pro is built for esports, but is suitable for any type of gameplay, thanks to its adjustable 12,000 DPI sensor. You can also find the Clutch 2 on clearance for the same price.
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The Flick 2 Pro and Clutch 2 are similar in overall makeup. Both sport a Pixart sensor with an adjustable 12,000 DPI, both have six programmable buttons, and they each serve up a bit of RGB lighting (on the scroll wheel and the Fnatic logos on the side and back).

What’s different is the shape. The Clutch 2 has a little more rounded design, while the Flick 2 Pro protrudes inward on both sides. It would be an ambidextrous rodent, except the thumb buttons are on the left side. So, these are both for right-handed gamers only.

The user reviews are mostly positive on these mice. I haven’t used either one myself, but at these clearance prices, I’d be willing to give either one a whirl.

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