Fortnite is getting Street Fighter skins in latest crossover

Fortnite is getting Street Fighter skins in latest crossover

Fortnite is officially getting some sort of Street Fighter crossover, as evidenced by some new in-game developments. All signs point to two new skins from the classic arcade fighter that has stood the test of time. Season 5 has been rife with new crossovers from cinema and gaming history, including Tron, the Predator, Master Chief, and more.

Data miner Guille_GAG was the first to leak the upcoming skins for Ryu and Chun Li, arguably Street Fighter’s two most iconic characters.

Players first noticed one of the dimensional rifts (or hunter portals, as they’re sometimes referred to) featured a well-known Street Fighter level, indicating another franchise crossover. 

Oh, you wanted to see the Street Fighter skins in action? Lucky for us, another dataminer by the name of ItzBake dug up the trailer. It’s an awesome blend of original Street Fighter II 2D graphics, until Jonesy shows up and bamfs Ryu and Chun-Li out of their dimension and into Fortnite’s.

Two new emotes will also be included in the Fortnite and Street Fighter crossover. Chun-Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku (or Lightning Kick) will make your character launch a hundred punishing kicks into an enemy’s face, or thin air I guess. Ryu’s emote has him pull off the classic Shoryuken uppercut.

How to get the Fortnite Street Fighter skins

Details are sparse on how players will be able to get these skins thus far. In the past, Fortnite season 5’s “hunter” characters have either been immediately in the item shop for somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000 – 1,800 V-bucks, or there have been challenges and tournaments associated with getting them before everyone else.

Rest assured, we’ll be updating this post once Epic confirms anything or more leaks come out.

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