Gnosia is like an Among Us visual novel, and it’s coming to PC this year

Gnosia is like an Among Us visual novel, and it's coming to PC this year

Thanks to Among Us, many of us have experienced the tense fun of an impostor game—finding our team members missing, with no idea of whodunnit, followed by group discussions over potential suspects. For visual novel Gnosia, the current impostor trend is perhaps just lucky coincidence—the game originally released in 2019 for Playstation Vita, where it spread via word of mouth, before great reviews by Japanese outlets turned it into a definite hit. This March, the 2020 Switch port launched worldwide, once again garnering a similarly positive reception.

While impostor gameplay always sounds like a good time, Gnosia also has the draw of a visual novel, featuring a large cast of colourful characters, such as a “person” looking suspiciously like an alien and a… beluga whale in a space suit. Now, publisher Playsim has announced a PC version for 2021.

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