Gotham Knights’ heroes level up while you’re not playing them

Gotham Knights' heroes level up while you're not playing them

In case you missed it when Gotham Knights was announced last year: No, it’s not set in the same timeline as the Arkham games. Yes, the details of its setup resemble the ending of Arkham Knight, but Gotham Knights will take place in a separate continuity from previous Batman games, while Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will carry on in the Arkham games’ version of the DC universe.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s catch up on some new information courtesy of an interview GamesRadar did with Gotham Knights’ executive producer Fleur Marty and creative director Patrick Redding. It was previously announced that Gotham Knights would have four playable characters—Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin—who earn new gear and costumes and unlock abilities as you play, fighting crime in an open-world Gotham City with no level-gating. Marty explained that whichever heroes you leave behind while you take on the Court of Owls or Mr. Freeze won’t be left behind in terms of progression.

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