Grapple Hoops is the Titanfall basketball game I didn’t know I needed

Grapple Hoops is the Titanfall basketball game I didn't know I needed

Titanfall 2 is a practically flawless game in all ways but one: it isn’t basketball. Fortunately, independent developer and absolutely genius Andreas Georgiou is rapidly working to fix that with Grapple Hoops—a game that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Currently playable as a pre-alpha demo over on GameJolt, Grapple Hoops immediately improves basketball by handing you a grappling hook. You’ll need it, too—the game’s courts take place over rooftops and passenger jets hovering over a bottomless void, tasking you with sprinting, kicking, wall-running and catapulting yourself to a slam dunk at the other side of the map.

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