Hearthstone’s next patch will add ‘Battle Ready’ decks to buy and the Quilboar tribe to Battlegrounds

Hearthstone's next patch will add 'Battle Ready' decks to buy and the Quilboar tribe to Battlegrounds

In February, Blizzard revealed that Quilboars were headed to Hearthstone Battlegrounds as the next minion type. Today it announced that they’ll arrive in the next major update, which is due to drop next week. That patch will include a trio of new heroes, 17 new minions, and a new spell type called Blood Gems that give +1/+1 to friendly minions. From the look of things, some Quilboars will also have special interactions with Blood Gems.

Battlegrounds games will still be limited to five minion types after Quilboars are added, meaning that three minion types will be excluded from each match. Quilboars won’t be one of them, however: Quilboars will show up in every match until the next major content patch, and if it’s anything like previous updates you can expect players to ‘force’ Quilboar-based comps for at least the first few weeks. Full details on the Quilboar update will be revealed in the 20.2 patch notes, which will be published tomorrow.

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