Here’s how PvP will work in Back 4 Blood

Here's how PvP will work in Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock is finally ready to talk about Back 4 Blood‘s upcoming PvP mode, and it’s sounding more and more like a return to form with Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode. In Back 4 Blood PvP, one team of players will become the zombies (called the “Ridden” here) and try to stop survivors from reaching the safe house.

The runs down all of the special infected types that’ll be playable, including the melee-focused Reeker, the Exploder, the pouncing Stalker, acid-spitting Stinger, the big-armed Tallboy, and several other variants. It’s nice to see so many playable infected types here, because the lack of variety is a big reason Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode never left a big impression on me. It felt pretty cool to get good at the Smoker and stealth as a Hunter, but the novelty wore off kinda quick. 

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