Hitman’s next elusive target is a murderous politician with a body double

Hitman's next elusive target is a murderous politician with a body double

Of all the videogames with killing at their core, no other makes the gruesome task more satisfying than Hitman 3. As if the prospect of blowing someone up with a golf ball or mincing them in a grape press wasn’t enticing enough on its own, IO Interactive makes sure that you know your target really deserves what’s coming to them. Hitman 3’s next limited-time elusive target, The Politician, fits that bill.

In the crosshairs this time is Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, New Zealand’s former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs and overall rich person. Keating is on a comeback PR tour after being forced to resign from the office for embezzling money from her charity. She then manipulated the tabloids to shift the blame onto her charity’s director, whom she promptly had killed (and covered up as a suicide). Pretty grim stuff, but effective fuel for Agent 47’s fire.

The dame is held up on Hawke’s Bay, the smaller beachside manor level that served as the opening level in Hitman 2. The twist? Keating has a body double, and the resemblance is uncanny. As far as I can tell they’re literally the same character model, so you’ll need more than a careful eye to deduce who’s eating a bullet. If this is like any other time Hitman has dealt in body doubles, shadowing them and listening to their conversations is a good place to start. Of course, this is an elusive target, so you only get the one shot. Hawke’s Bay may be a tutorial level, but the main house isn’t that stealth friendly. There are few places to hide and even fewer opportunities to take out the target’s bodyguards without causing a scene.

Sounds like a fun challenge. Even if you don’t usually have access to Hawke’s Bay through Hitman 2 or its unlock pack, IO says all Hitman 3 players (even those playing the free trial) can participate in the elusive target. I’m sure Keating doesn’t appreciate that one bit.

With Hitman 3 recouping its development cost in days and a new studio opening in Spain, IO Interactive must be feeling pretty good this year. Not to mention it’s also making a James Bond game (a match made in spy heaven, we reckon). 

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