I just want Agent 47 to chase me

I just want Agent 47 to chase me

Hitman 3‘s Agent 47 is the ultimate predator. He can kill you with fruit, see you through walls and even become you just by chucking on your clothes. If he’s after you, you’re screwed. I would very much like him to be after me. 

Is this a lockdown thing? Maybe. It’s given us a thirst for tall vampires and bizarrely sexy diseases, so why not a desire to be chased around a sandbox by a stoic bald man with incredible bone structure? “Catch me if you can, Agent 47. Whoops, I fell over, I guess you win again.” But there are plenty of other reasons why this might be the basis for a very fun game. 

Playing Hitman as the eponymous assassin gives you an absurd amount of freedom to go where you want and turn even the most mundane items into deadly weapons. Where there are limitations, they’re usually designed to be overcome through disguises or some other method of subterfuge. Playing on the other side, that freedom becomes an enemy, where a simple soda can could be used to knock you unconscious, giving Agent 47 an opportunity to dump your limp body into the sea. 

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That feeling of power is replaced by paranoia, but that also makes every moment exciting and dangerous. Every crowd could be hiding a killer. Every empty room could contain an assassin holed up in a wardrobe. But there’s still power in vulnerability. Maybe you use the assassin’s confidence to draw them out, possibly making them fall into your trap. And there are thrills to be found in simply running and hiding. Just look at asymmetric horror like Dead by Daylight and Monstrum, where players are chased by a relentless killer. There’s nothing more empowering than outsmarting an enemy who has all the advantages. 

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