Intel’s 3D chip tech is ‘perfect’ so it doesn’t have to follow AMD’s chiplet design

Intel's 3D chip tech is 'perfect' so it doesn't have to follow AMD's chiplet design

Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, says its 3D packaging technology is “perfect” and that gives it “the ability to not be doing chiplets, but to be doing tiles.” AMD uses TSMC’s chiplet packaging technology to build affordable, high core-count CPUs, but Gelsinger is suggesting that because its stacking design is so good Intel doesn’t have to go down that road and can use a more performant tile stacking approach.

In the Intel Unleashed event last night the Q&A section at the end of the event highlighted the difference between Intel’s Tile design and AMD’s Chiplet model. Thanks to its advanced packaging tech, Intel is suggesting that a modular stacked approach is better than AMD’s chiplet design.

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