It’s a big year for birds at E3 and I am here for it

Devolver’s new game is about a crow with a sword who harvests the souls of the dead

When it comes to human beings wearing them I’d say I lean strongly towards anti-top hat. But when a bird is wearing a top hat? Different story. I’m pro-birds in top hats, 100%. I’m actually just for birds, in general, which is making this year’s E3 a delight so far: there have been trailers for at least three delightful games starring birds.

The most recent is White Shadows, a black and white cinematic platformer from indie developer Monokel in Germany. “B&W cinematic platformer” is usually where I start to lose interest, but again: there’s a bird in a top hat. In White Shadows’ “fucked up” dystopian city there’s apparently some nasty animal-based classism going on, and birds have been blamed and persecuted for spreading a pandemic. You play as a young raven girl trying to right this wrong against birdkind, and it’s out this year.

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