Kevin Hart joins the Borderlands movie cast

Kevin Hart joins the Borderlands movie cast

Kevin Hart will join Cate Blanchett in the upcoming Borderlands movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which said today that the Jumanji star has signed a deal to portray the highly trained former Atlas soldier Roland. Hart is known primarily for his comedic work in movies like Ride Along, Central Intelligence, and Night School, as well as various comedy specials, but the report says the Roland role “will be a more serious acting turn for the star.” 

That’s a little unexpected, given that Borderlands isn’t exactly the most dramatically hefty videogame of all time, but it’s possible that the film will have a darker tone than its source material suggests: The presence of Blanchett, a multiple Academy Award winner, gives it an immediate sense of credibility (or at least visibility) that it might otherwise lack, and it’s being directed by famed goremeister Eli Roth, he of Hostel, Grindhouse, and Cabin Fever fame. If nothing else, it looks like an interesting blend of talents.

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