LG’s ‘Smart Bed’ with 55-inch translucent TV is peak CES, but we’re into it

LG's 'Smart Bed' with 55-inch translucent TV is peak CES, but we're into it

LG’s latest CES innovation gets us one step closer to the ideal gaming experience: lying down, neck crooked against the headboard, and trying not to spill instant noodles on our bed sheets. Featuring a transparent, extendable 55-inch display at one end, LG’s concept is a glimpse at its vision of the future of TV tech.

The LG Transparent OLED Smart Bed (via Tom’s Guide) is a concept product that LG is showing off over at CES 2021. To call it a bed is a bit of a stretch, as it’s actually just the unit that sits at the end of your bed with the impressive translucent screen stored inside. But it’s still a rather smart space-saving idea, even if I can only really picture its use within swanky hotels.

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