Magic: Legends makes a monetization concession, framerate improvements

Magic: Legends gear system aims to avoid 'overbearing loot drops and inventory management'

Free-to-play online action RPG Magic: Legends had a rough open beta launch last week, at least in terms of publicity. It was criticized for performance issues, design issues, and for its microtransactions, with the hard-to-acquire Dimir Assassin class being the biggest grievance. Over the weekend, producer Steve Ricossa explained how Cryptic Studios is responding to that criticism, which includes adding an easier free path to the Dimir Assassin.

Magic: Legends includes five free classes that are unlocked from the start. Currently, only the sixth class, the Dimir Assassin, has to be acquired, and it isn’t a starting class. Last week, the Dimir Assassin could only reasonably be unlocked by opening $3 ‘booster packs,’ in which it’s the top-tier reward. (It was apparently possible to acquire the class with in-game currency, too, but it took an enormous quantity of the stuff.) There was unhappiness about it, and to smooth things over, Cryptic has made the Dimir Assassin a reward in the game’s battle pass, both in the free and premium tiers, so that anyone who plays long enough will get it. No other monetization changes were announced, but Ricossa says the studio is “committed to working with [players] to continue to refine monetization further.”

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