Mass Effect’s Pinnacle Station DLC won’t be in the Legendary Edition because its source code was lost

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: all the new details, and everything we know

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include over 40 DLC from across the series, but that’s still not all of the original DLC packs. Since Mass Effect 3’s remaster is skipping the multiplayer mode, DLC related to that is being left out. And so is Pinnacle Station, an add-on for the first Mass Effect. 

Pinnacle Station was originally developed by a third-party studio called Demiurge. It added a training facility full of holographic combat scenarios, and was generally considered pretty skippable. It was left out of the PS3 version of Mass Effect because the source code was lost, but when remaking the game for the Legendary Edition, BioWare apparently reached out to everyone they could to track it down. 

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