Meteor Lake, Intel’s first 7nm CPU, to tape in before July this year and release in 2023

Meteor Lake, Intel's first 7nm CPU, to tape in before July this year and release in 2023

Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has just given us a glimpse of the new Meteor Lake processors, with a prospective launch in 2023… now that the 7nm production process has been fixed. Talking with passion about the potential within Intel’s manufacturing and design capabilities, as well as announcing a whole new wing of the business with the creation of Intel Foundry Services, Gelsinger reiterated his belief that its best years are ahead of it.

Launching in 2023, Intel Meteor Lake will be a next-gen follow up to the Alder Lake chips launching this year. Like Alder Lake we’re expecting a mixed core design, with both 7nm Ocean Cove and 10nm Gracemont sitting on the same package, but Meteor Lake is likely the first desktop processor to use the Foveros packaging technology to stack tiles on top of each other.

(Image credit: Intel)

Gelsinger claims that this is Intel’s competitive advantage going forward, where the tiles can work far better than the chiplets AMD is using to great effect in its Ryzen CPUs. Instead of having to go between chiplets the use of stacked tiles allows each individual component to act as though it’s on a single chip.

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