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More co-op Viking action is headed your way in Tribes of Midgard this July

More co-op Viking action is headed your way in Tribes of Midgard this July

Before we’d even heard of Valheim, there was Tribes of Midgard. It’s a co-op Viking survival game for up to 10 players, though it can be played solo as well. Its procedurally generated world is filled creatures based on Norse mythology. You can explore the world, battle monsters, and craft gear, and build a sweet Viking base.

I know, that all sounds pretty much like Valheim. But Tribes of Midgard has been in development for a while, with open beta sessions as far back as 2019, and there are some interesting differences here such as character classes for your Vikings, powerful abilities, and seasonal events. Maybe Valheim stole a bit of its thunder by releasing first, but I feel like anyone who likes Valheim (and we’re talking millions of people) will be pretty interested in giving Tribes of Midgard a look. I certainly am.

Your Vikings are trying to stave off Ragnarök, the end of the world. Frost giants and other powerful creatures are trying to reach Asgard for the final showdown, but their warpath takes them through the human realm. By day you explore the world and battle monsters, collect resources, and craft gear, and by night you defend your Viking village from the invading legions. It sounds a bit like Fortnite’s Save The World mode, or a mash-up of Minecraft and tower defense.

Either way, it looks pretty darn good. Plus you can fist-bump your friends. Can Valheim say that? Tribes of Midgard launches for PC on July 27. If you’ve made some friends from all that Valheim you played this winter, grab ’em and get ready.

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