Neverwinter’s Feywild has been ‘fully rebuilt from the ground up’ for Sharandar

Neverwinter's Feywild has been 'fully rebuilt from the ground up' for Sharandar

Today, free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter returns to some of its earliest zones with its latest expansion, Sharandar. But while our party is venturing forth into the elfy forests of ages yore, these aren’t the forests you remember from back in the day.

“Even though it’s still Sharandar, players won’t technically be returning to the same place in this new update,” says lead designer Randy Mosiondz. “Our team has fully rebuilt the area from the ground up, including never before seen adventure zones and a brand-new social hub.”

With a three-episode arc whose first instalment, The Iron Tooth, arrives today, Cryptic’s revamped Sharandar supplants the mystical forest introduced in 2013 via the game’s first module, Fury Of The Feywild. This new version sports grander vistas, with new “Ruins Of Malabog” adventure zone, social hub, and end game dungeon. 

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But this isn’t a one-and-done do-over. As Mosiondz explains, you can expect more mix-ups in the forest over the coming months.

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