New benchmarks show Intel Rocket Lake chips leading Comet Lake and AMD Zen 3 in single-core

MSI suggests Intel's next-gen gaming CPUs are launching late March

Early benchmarking results for Intel’s Core i7 11700K are in and it’s showing promising signs for performance gains over current Intel 10th Gen processors—even with a couple cores shy of the 10-core compliment on Comet Lake’s top chip. Similarly, figures from Core i9 11900K testing suggests it’s also taking the lead in single-threaded performance, which could make for two venerable gaming chips out of Rocket Lake, at least.

The Core i7 11700K result (spotted by Tum_Apisak) comes from Geekbench 4, which you might know isn’t the most representative benchmark around. Still, it offers a rough picture of performance for the upcoming Rocket Lake processors. 

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