Now you can trigger your real home’s alarm when your Rust base is raided

Now you can trigger your real home's alarm when your Rust base is raided

We’re in a new month, which means a new Rust update. There’s some pretty interesting stuff going on with Rust’s June update, but maybe the weirdest is the Rust+ app now supports IFTTT—which means you can essentially wire up the brutal survival game to some real-life services, apps, and smart home devices.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a software platform that connects different apps, devices, and systems to one another. For instance, an IFTTT applet might let you automatically add a song to your Spotify playlist whenever you give a thumbs-up to a song on YouTube. Or, you can use it to send you a text when your weather app notices it’s going to rain. Shit like that. If there are two things that both support IFTTT, they can be connected to each other to perform some bit of automation.

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