Nvidia wants you to know ‘Max-Q branding is not going away.’

Nvidia wants you to know 'Max-Q branding is not going away.'

Rumours that Nvidia might be ending its Max-Q program have been circulating over the past 24 hours off the back of a recent report from Notebookcheck. The report states that Nvidia will no longer offer the Max-Q brand, signifying those designed for cool and quiet operation, and that manufacturers were free to decide whether a laptop operates in a power-constrained configuration without specifying as such. The worry being this could leave customers in a precarious position when purchasing a gaming laptop.

The Max-Q branding is safe and sound, however. Nvidia has confirmed to PC Gamer that the “Max-Q branding is not going away”. In fact, it claims that the ecosystem is stronger than ever with more information available to the end-user via the Nvidia control panel.

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