Owners of Hitman 2 on PC will get its levels for free in Hitman 3 after all

Hitman 3 locations revealed in this spoiler-free travelogue

IO Interactive has cleared up the confusion surrounding Hitman content moving forward from Hitman 2 into Hitman 3 caused by Hitman 3’s Epic Store exclusivity. An update to the Hitman 3 Pre-Launch Guide notes that “We are continuing to work on a solution with our partners to allow PC players who own HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2 to import locations from those games into HITMAN 3 at no additional cost,” they said.

“We can guarantee that players will NOT need to repurchase the games,” the IO site says [emphasis original]. 

That doesn’t mean access will be immediate. It will release “in the coming weeks,” which I expect is enough to assuage all but the most die-hard of grumpy internet people. For now, the “HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass will be free to own for all PC players who pre-purchase or purchase HITMAN 3 in the first 10 days after release.” 

“We know that’s a lot of information,” says IO, “but once you’ve seen all of the Access Pass options, and there are five in total, it will make more sense.”

To be honest, I’m not sure that it will make more sense, but the reassurance is a nice gesture.

This clarification is necessary because of confusion starting January 15th, when by IO’s guide it seemed clear that Hitman 2 owners would have to re-purchase it in order to move their Hitman 2 content forward to the third game on its new, exclusive platform. That was despite promises that owners would be able to move it into the new game free of charge.

“We’ve done everything possible to make this process smooth and player-friendly,” the studio wrote at the time. “However, due to various circumstances out of our control, we want to acknowledge that the process is different to our initial plans for PC players.”

Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney later stepped in to say that their team was working on a fix for the problem. A day later, we see the update from IO reported earlier in this story, as posted by IO Interactive on Twitter.

This has been your weekly dose of resolved-within-48-hours bad business decisions and ensuing drama, followed by a course correction, in the games industry. Have a great coming week.

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