PC makers to adopt cheaper DRAM-less SSDs. Here’s why you should care

PC makers to adopt cheaper DRAM-less SSDs. Here's why you should care

Sold state drives that lack onboard DRAM to help with caching and other housekeeping chores are about to become even more commonplace, as PC makers “increasingly adopt” the cheaper storage in light of rising DRAM costs. In theory, this means PC makers will not have to skimp on storage or charge a premium for higher storage capacities, though there are caveats. One of them is performance.

One of the tasks of a DRAM buffer is to keep a map of stored data on an SSD. This can help the operating system and apps more quickly pinpoint where specific bits are located. DRAM also helps with write performance. All other things being equal, an SSD with DRAM is going to be faster than an SSD without DRAM in certain situations.

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