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Play a free, broken twist on Tetris every Tuesday

Play a free, broken twist on Tetris every Tuesday

Everyone’s played Tetris. It’s solid, simple, satisfying. But if it’s a little too boring for your tastes, one indie developer is uploading a new cursed remix of the venerable block dropper on for free every Tuesday.

Every week, Tetrible (by developer Henri) updates with a brand new twist on Tetris. For example, this week’s edition adds tiny Tetronimos to the mix, frequently forcing you to slot in half-sized blocks. Lines can be cleared at this level, which also ends up shearing your normal blocks in half, punching countless tiny holes into your plans.

Other variations have gotten just as weird—mixing it up so you can only clear lines vertically (rather than horizontally), having you control two pieces at once, making every Tetronimo slightly too long, even tilting the board and making it slippery. Henri will often bring back old favourites, but seeing what fresh hell will show up each week is at the very least a good laugh.

The whole thing is reminiscent of Pippin Barr’s Chesses (which has since spawned two sequels), taking a tried and tested game format and spinning it off into dozens of wild directions. One of these, Chogue, went even further by turning Chess into a fully-featured Chess roguelike.

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