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Resident Evil Village locations have been mapped out thanks to a collector’s edition bonus

Resident Evil Village locations have been mapped out thanks to a collector's edition bonus

The scariest part of Resident Evil Village isn’t the dark pits, shambling monsters, or nine-foot-tall vampire women. It’s looking like a bloody tourist as you stumble through the Village streets, not knowing your spooky castles from your meat factories. Now, thanks to a leaked collector’s edition map, you can plan your trip confidently with full knowledge of Capcom’s gothic mountain town.

Alongside an art book and a statue of Chris Redfield, Resident Evil Village’s collector’s edition contains a big cloth map of the titular village. Now, thanks to Redditor Orpheus2020 (via GamesRadar), we have a full image to pore over.

Granted, the map is more stylistic than useful—we’re not getting a breakdown of every trail, basement, and torture dungeon. But it does reveal a number of major locations, which may count as spoiler territory for folks who want to go into Village blind.

(Image credit: Capcom)

While the map is a bit too crunchy to make out most of the locations, we do get our four main landmarks. Castle Dimitrescu is, shockingly, the likely home of the internet’s favourite giantess, a sprawling and ornate gothic manor. But it’s not the only fancy house in town—just down the road we’ve got House Beneviento, perched precariously on the edge of a cliff.

Heisenberg’s factory is practically a town unto itself, one that I reckon is likely full of deadly mechanical traps. Finally, Moreau’s Reservoir sits at the edge of town, acting as the genre-required spooky forest. Probably full of werewolves, I’d guess.

Sadly, that map is only available as part of said $220 collector’s edition—hardly cheap, but practically small change when put beside Chris Redfield’s naff $1500 jacket. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost a penny to be drowned in a tidal wave of Lady Dimitrescu fan-art.

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